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Have a Piano Room in a 30 Square Foot Home

Many people may wonder how I can have a piano corner in a 30 square foot home.

Today I will tell you more about it.



My house is an apartment and when I renovated it, I wanted to put the piano on the second floor. After the renovation, I found that it was not convenient to move upstairs, and the stairs were too small, so I had to put it on the first floor.

The piano can be put down next to the TV cabinet, giving my small living room a little decorative effect. It’s a good big ornament.


Light source

The location of the piano, originally there is no design lamp, so you can only put a table lamp.

Initially, a normal lamp was placed, and it was found that the light was uneven.

The 3D light pattern of the key spectrum can evenly illuminate the 88 keys, so you won’t feel eye fatigue after practicing the piano for a long time.



Mechanical metronome, buy piano sent. I like to use this traditional metronome.


Piano Care

Because I am a person who looks good.

I custom made black leather pads to put on the piano for protection, very invisible and protective.

Normally I use a disposable static duster to sweep the dust off the top, and then wipe it with piano polish. It’s good for the piano to use less water.


That’s it for today. We’ll see you next time.


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