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The Color of the Bedding Also Has to Be Careful

Do you often encounter the following situations

Lying in bed, but can not sleep.

falling asleep and suddenly waking up.

the more you sleep, the more tired you are.


In the face of these situations, many people feel too tired during the day and too much mental stress.

But this may be because the color of the bedding is out of order.

The color has energy, it will interact with the magnetic field in the person.

When picking the color of bedding, what are some colors to try not to choose?



Do not choose purple

Purple is a color that tends to stimulate the nerves and makes it easy for people to sleep with a sense of pressure.

In a purple bed, the probability of nightmares will greatly increase, thus reducing the amount of time a person sleeps.

Make people feel very tired the next day, no energy to work life.


Do not choose bright pink

Pink is a color that belongs to the romantic and warm.

Many people would think that it is good to choose pink for bedding.

But in fact, large areas of pink can speed up the flow of human blood and stimulate the nervous system, making it impossible for people to sleep well.


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