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4 Color Schemes to Create a Cooking Space with a Full Sense of Atmosphere

When it comes to the kitchen, most people’s first impression is the busy figure and fragrant meals when cooking, but through the design of different color decorations, you can also give the kitchen a different sense of beauty and surprise. Today I will recommend four different color kitchen designs. Come to feel the different charm of the kitchen space it ~



White is classic and versatile, and is the first choice for most kitchen designs.

White cabinets have a simple atmosphere, with smooth lines, visually have the effect of extending the space, so that the whole kitchen looks brighter, more spacious, cleaner.

And a little stain will be able to immediately see, convenient to clean up after cooking in time, so that the kitchen is kept clean and tidy every day.



Sleek and modern, gray is a great choice for decorating a kitchen.

The cool tones of the color build an elegant visual aesthetic, bringing artistic style to life, and the high-end texture it presents makes the kitchen more orderly.

Compared to white, the biggest advantage of the gray kitchen is the resistance to dirt, whether it is dust or other stains, in front of the gray is not too obvious.



Log tones come with a natural texture, giving people a warm and comfortable visual experience.

Kitchen design with log color, but also to relieve the tiredness of cooking, full of sense of healing.

The log style with open kitchen, in such an environment and atmosphere, inviting three or five friends to cook together, is not a kind of enjoyment.



In addition to the common white, gray and wood, green is also a common color in the kitchen.

And different shades of green can create a different cooking atmosphere.

Grass green, bean green light and fresh, not only can be wrapped in smoke and fire for the kitchen space to inject natural vitality, but also help to regulate the mood and relaxation, so that cooking is more relaxed and comfortable.

Kitchen not only has oil, salt, soy, vinegar and tea, there are also different colors to bring the feeling.


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