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Warm Color Home Style to Create a Warm Home

In recent years, the popularity of minimalism and aloofness has made the black and white gray color scheme popular in home design.

But seeing the warm decorating style, many people still can’t help but fantasize about having a warm home!

The most important thing about warm color decoration is the color scheme.

The general warm colors include: red, orange, and yellow.

From the difference in shades and purity, it can also present different effects and styles.

However, warm colors have the effect of visual expansion, and living in an environment with too many warm colors for a long time may increase psychological pressure.

So as the main color, but also can not spread too much, to avoid the use of large areas.


Common warm colors decorated with original wood, earthy red, bright yellow and so on.

These colors are not simply designed to match well, carelessness will become outdated decoration.

In addition to the above colors, gold, orange, earthy yellow, camel, red are also warm colors.

Home environment with a good choice of color, in addition to avoiding the overwhelming feeling caused by too many warm colors.

In the auxiliary colors with the main color should try to pick plain colors, such as: white, gray, khaki, etc., and neutralize the visual impact of warm colors.


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