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Because of the Appearance of the Purchase, Because of the Good Use and Left the Bathroom Goodies

Although inconspicuous , all are products selected with care, and then small items should be integrated into life, starting with the face of and finally use

I’ve been asked many times about these small items.


Press bottle

A long time to choose one. The style goes well with the bathroom. The replacement method is also very convenient. What attracted me especially was the design of the bottle, flat and long with English classification.


Mouthwash cup

Resin material. The shape is very chic, vertical and horizontal placement are beautiful.

Vertical arrangement in the tray is very space-saving. The real thing is smoky gray.


Placement tray

Micro-cement texture, very weighty. Rectangle used to put toiletries, square put skin care products. The pursuit of a sense of simplicity to buy it is right.


Aesop hand soap

It’s a classic premium flavor, citrus tones, infinite repurchase kind.


Aesop Mouthwash

Not irritating, mint mixed with a medicinal flavor. The appearance is already very good-looking, not to mention the taste is the one you like.


Fireless Aromatherapy

Woody fragrance notes, cool and unctuous. Suitable for the bathroom, a warm and refreshing temperament after the bath.


Tissue box

Frosted metal, the upper lid can be lifted directly. By its own weight , press the paper towels.

I use it to put my face towel.


Wet towel box

Pure white, simple and no superfluous design. The flip-top lid is well sealed, clean and hygienic.


Clamped trash can

Can be placed between the toilet and the wall, so that it does not take up space. Press the spring flip cover, convenient and clean. The spring is durable and the appearance is very simple.


Diatomaceous earth floor mat

Very strong water absorption. Put in the shower area outside, keep the floor dry. But with a few months it will often absorb slightly deformed water, regular replacement is good.


Cosmetic cotton storage box

In fact, it is used to store cotton pads and cotton swabs. The flip-top design is very hygienic.

The flip-top design is very hygienic.


Silicone wiper

Silicone material, the appearance of a sense of design. Comes with its own hanging rack. After a shower, use it to scrape the shower area wall and floor and the water stored on the partition is very good fit and for use. Reduce the humidity in the bathroom and avoid the growth of water stains.


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