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Weekend Stay at Home to Enjoy the Game of Desktop Layout

It’s that weekend that everyone looks forward to.

After a busy week, there’s nothing better than staying home and playing games all day!

The following is my game desktop layout.


Create the atmosphere

A simple lighting arrangement can greatly enhance the atmosphere of the desktop.

Before the game starts, light up the lamp attached to the back of the monitor.

Low-saturated blue light and black desktop complement each other, simple and full of technology.


Comfortable experience

Comfortable tables and chairs are the foundation of a good gaming experience.

I use the combination of electric lift table + ergonomic chair.

Can fully protect their lumbar and cervical vertebrae.

When you are tired of sitting, you can also lean back on the backrest of the chair, half lying down to play the game is really too comfortable.


Game Peripherals

The handle and keyboard are supported by three modes, convenient for multi-device connection and switching.

The keyboard supports full key hot-swapping, the keys sound crisp, rebound fast, the code feels very good.

The mouse is very light, long time use is not tired hands.


In order to enhance the experience of the game, I configured a set of live game mixers.

You can flexibly adjust the volume, and switch the corresponding mode according to different game scenes.

When playing 3A masterpiece, open immersion mode can enhance the game’s background sound, making the experience more realistic.

Open 3D CHAT SPACE when hacking, can clearly distinguish between game sound effects and chat conversation sounds.


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