Monday, June 24, 2024
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Enjoy the Atmosphere of Life and Live Your Life Well

I like the simple and light days.

After living alone, I learned many things that I couldn’t do before, and I started to try to cook for myself.

It is good to be properly busy once in a while, and I hope most days are happy.

This is the small life I live every day now.


I put a magazine rack on the wall, so that the wall is not blank.

Had breakfast and rearranged the dining room to make it cozy.


I recently added an oven to my home.

The peach and apricot color appearance, the face is very retro.

The function is more complete, but also can save a lot of space.

It can also be placed on the dining table.

By the way, I made fried chicken and fries.

It also stimulated my interest in making food.

Home appliances do not just look good on the line, but also have to be practical.


In addition to busy work, I hope we can also learn to enjoy life.

Eat well, drink well, and stay happy.


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