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A Sunny Reading Corner in the Black Living Room

Be bold and try to create your own home color. This time I chose my favorite black color to create an exclusive black sunny reading corner for myself.


Set up a reading corner with a black round sofa.

On a sunny weekend, the sun shines through the blinds in a warm room.

When I sink deep into the wide soft sofa, with the sofa leg rest. I can lie down to enjoy the beauty of it all.

Enjoy the sunshine on this sunny day and give yourself a resting holiday.

When you are tired, you can take a nap in the sofa.


The surface of the sofa is PU leather.

A wet wipe is clean, easy to take care of, do not worry about stains that can not be wiped away.

EPP powder particles for the filling, fluffy and comfortable, resilient level.

Let this lazy bean bag to the mind and body be a little more comfortable.


Home with this sun corner, even the black living room also has a temperature.


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