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Daily Necessities Can Also Be Decorated for the Refrigerator

I always get asked what the hangings on the fridge are.

Actually, they are not hangings, basically they are daily necessities.

First of all, introduce the refrigerator, white wide door refrigerator, the size is about 180 * 85cm.


As for the small things on top of the refrigerator, I want to share it with you today.


1: rattan small basket: hanging with a magnetic hook, you can put in a little something, the hook is quite strong and the magnetic switch door will not fall.

2: Pot mat: linen grass material, Japanese style.

3: coaster: my family handmade small pie girl hooked their own wool small coaster .

4: insulation pad: usually also used to put water cups mostly.

5: card small flower hanging decorations: magnetic small hanging rod, can also be directly sucked on the refrigerator.

6: small wooden flower pot: I used blocks DIY, two blocks sticky, back and then sticky magnets, a hole can insert flowers.

7: small broom: this home has several, quite lovely.

8: snail magnetic stickers: 3 small wooden cuties.



1: magnetic absorption nano-frame: do not worry about falling off, the back of the whole piece are magnetic suction, take down are strained. Large can put kitchen paper towels and plastic bags. Small can also be put in the shape of slender bottles or daily necessities. Quite practical.

2: tin box: one for greaseproof paper, one for tinfoil, ivory white is very simple.


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