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5 Trends in Bathroom Design

Smart devices, natural materials and bold details are the trends that will appear in the stylish bathrooms of 2023.




Spa areas

In recent years, bathrooms have been transformed from practical spaces to full-fledged relaxation spaces.

And in 2023, this trend will only intensify.

Find a place in your bathroom to put a table where you can put all your care products; a comfortable bench where you can sit and apply moisturizer.




Natural materials

Being in nature has a positive impact on our emotional state, so try to immerse yourself in natural materials.

Of course, this is no substitute for a walk in the woods, but it helps create a warm, soothing atmosphere.




Relaxing shades

Lighter tones associated with cleanliness and tranquility will help you relax after a busy day.

Stay away from pristine whites and opt for warm, lighter tones.



Softer forms

In 2023, sharp corners and straight lines are replaced by softer circles.

The easiest way to stay on trend is to choose a round or oval bathroom mirror.

Irregular shapes with smooth curves are also popular.




Embossed textures

Ribbed surfaces on headboards and armoires make for an interesting and dynamic interior, while glass shower partitions with vertical grooves provide complete privacy without blocking light.





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