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I Can’t Lose with My Tabletop Decor!

Before the countertop space was not fully utilized. I bought the organizer this time to do the organization. It is white, clean and tidy and comfortable.


The left area.

Two white file boxes with an A4 folder.

Usually some of the information to be used is organized separately. Acrylic is used as a partition.

A small speaker is placed on top, which can listen to the radio and also connect to music.

Enjoy life while listening to songs has become a daily routine.

Occasionally to relax some.

I also put a fragrance next to it.


The right area.

Stacked with three A4 document organizers.

There are also pencil holders above, and the quality is quite good.

Next to the double shelves, cups and napkins are very convenient.

Black Goblet is my new favorite. He has both decorative and practical functions.



Drawers bought storage boxes to make a partition.

Otherwise, I have too many things, the drawers look very crowded. This neat and tidy will be much better.


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