Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Ery Healing and Cozy Bedroom

I love the richness of the colors so much. It will make me feel very comfortable.


I also blew up four Kirby balloons. Kirby is really very cute.


I changed a good pillow to sleep in. I suffered from insomnia before, but now I finally won’t.

The pillow is soft and fluffy, like a cloud. And his rebound is also very good ~ will make you feel like playing with the cat belly.

Side sleep and sleep on your back have some support. I like to sleep on my side and not fall on the pillow and pressure arms! Soft fit cervical spine.

Sleeping on this pillow will make you comfortable to sleep! Sleep well, wake up is also full of spirit.


Put so many dolls on the bed will not fall off the bed. Because my bed is 200 x 200cm, very large. A person sleeps with no problem at all.

The dolls on the cushions will not fall off. Because my cushion is really very thick. Only the rightmost one will occasionally fall a fall, because there is no support point.


In terms of hygiene, I will take the vacuum cleaner every day. So there will not be too much of a problem. When there is sun, you will also wash the small carpet. The big pink carpet will be changed for a few months.



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