Thursday, May 30, 2024
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French Decorated Home with Swaying Flowers

Give space to some sunshine, let the romantic flower shadow, fill the four sides of the home.


A strong French flavor comes to your face.

The two-story design, the silky cream color, and the mirror on the wall introduce the warm winter sun.

When the swaying light outside the window penetrates through the blinds and spills onto the “Southern French flower shadow” in the living room, the two reflect on each other and the mood glows.


The material of gray virgin wool and pure white wool, the natural color without dyeing, woven into the rare glue-free carpet, is a piece of art given to mankind by nature.

Sitting in it, inserting a blue and purple hydrangea and lighting an aromatic candle.

In a trance, it seems to be in a private castle in the suburbs of Paris. The air, is the capital romantic.


This winter,I finally realize the warmth and freedom.


Today’s home is the special scene of flower shadow and sunshine.

Next time, invite your friends to sit on the carpet and have a vinyl recital.


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