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What is the Experience of Soaking in a Spa at Home

Installed a wall-mounted sink for your bathroom, which is easy to clean and looks so beautiful with the styling mirror.


The wall-mounted smart toilet is at the entrance door, and its automatic deodorizing function eliminates odors. Keep the bathroom fresh, so you will not worry about entering the door with in the odor.A poorly ventilated bathroom really needs this function.


Electric towel rack is installed on the right hand side of the entrance door. It can be used to store and dry towels. Do not worry about towels being wet. And there is a heating function, so you can take a shower in winter without worrying about being cold.


It’s nice to build out your own round bathtub with micro cement. In the fish syllabus carp, the whole person can stretch the bath very comfortably.


The black thermostatic shower is generous in style and comes with a three-layer shelf for easy storage, and the large top spray delivers dense and powerful water, which is comfortable to sprinkle on your body.


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