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Another Day in the Sweet Home So Comfortable That I Didn’t Want to Go out

I don’t know if anyone is like me.

I like to stay in bed when I’m at home.

Eat, sleep, read and catch up on TV.

I really love the soft feeling of being wrapped in bed.

The happiness of doing everything on it is doubled.


I will be equipped with some small items to enhance the sense of comfort.


We all know the joy of eating in bed, so we must have a nice tray to prevent food or tea from spilling on the bed.


Comfortable and high quality bedding

I have higher requirements for bedding than clothes, some clothes are very special even if the texture is not so good, I may also buy to match the good style. But the bedding is different, because the comfort of the bedding and sleep directly linked. I really want every second to be a deep sleep. Good quality bedding can make the skin and brain fully relaxed. It is the best treasure to help sleep.


The whole person is wrapped up in sheets and quilts, gently and softly, and then falls asleep. There is a more important point is that the soft sheets will be skin-friendly, reducing friction with the skin.


Of course, the value is also an important factor in my choice of bedding. I like the soft sense of light-colored sheets, so that people are calm and relaxed. This set of champagne colors I like so much, soft and vaguely shiny sense, beveled asymmetric embroidery and fringe each needle reveals exquisite.


In a private area like the bedroom, who does not want to take off all the defenses and do it yourself, good bedding really has the function of calming people’s emotions, comfortable to be themselves, peacefully in a deep sleep.


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