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The Secret to Creating the Perfect Kitchen

Food is warm and the kitchen is the warmest place in the house.

Because every meal is filled with strong feelings.

Today we will share with you how to design details to bring the kitchen experience from 80 points to 100 points.

The first step: appliances embedded

Appliance inlay does not make a significant difference in use, but visually will make the entire kitchen greatly enhance the value of the face. Create a visually perfect kitchen, starting with the appliance inlay.

The second step : hanging cabinets to the top, leaving no hygiene dead ends

Another criterion for creating the perfect kitchen is: not to leave a sanitary corner.

Hanging cabinets to the top, not only to increase the storage space in the kitchen, while avoiding the generation of sanitary corners, but also to hide the gas pipe, a triple whammy!

The third step: the top of the light under the heavy in is the common standard of zoning storage

Kitchen storage has always been a heavyweight. We have a guideline when designing a kitchen storage system: the top is light and the bottom is heavy in common use.

Up: Hanging cabinets are higher and less convenient when picking up and placing items. Therefore, it is appropriate to store “light” + “good to take” + “safe” items. For example: miscellaneous food, snacks, dry goods, tea and other items used less frequently.

Lower: The lower level of the hanging cabinet is safer and more convenient, so you can put “slightly heavy” items, such as wine, pots and pans, cups and utensils, etc.


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