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My Dream Bathroom

Self-built sunken bathtub

Installed against the wall without dead ends, small homes can also have, every day you can enjoy the joy of bathing, listening to music soaking, happiness up.


Terrazzo flooring

Anti-slip and waterproof colored terrazzo flooring, a sense of warmth, visual transparency and advanced.


No main light design light

The design of no main lights and light strips makes the light in the bathroom softer and not too harsh. With the spotlights and mirror lights, it creates a super warm bathroom atmosphere.


Hanging sink

The white bathroom cabinet was chosen for the washroom area. The hanging type reduces the hygiene dead space and is very easy to take care of. Avoid the growth of bacteria, but also to keep it as new all year round, storage space is also bar!


Glass partition wall

Two separate practical designs, glass partition so that the bathroom does not lose privacy, and looks transparent and bright.


Intelligent toilet

Smart toilet with hidden water tank, the shape and color match the whole style. The foam shield design isolates odor and the warm air drying is odorless.


Cartoon bathroom mirror

Hanging sink with a large bathroom mirror, the area below can also be placed sweeper or stool.


Gunmetal gray thermostatic shower

It looks eye-catching in the creamy breeze, with a fine and soft sense of water discharge to wash away the fatigue of the day.


This is in line with my ideal medium bathroom. Smart appliances are making my daily bath and toilet a happy thing for me to share and hope it will be helpful to you.


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