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The Secret to a Warm Bedroom

Creamy white is the main color, so that the whole room is a winter snowy feeling.

I really like the winter furry four-piece set with a book and aromatherapy, which makes it perfect for winter. Under the covers, lounging, covered in quilts, life is cozy.

In the winter, you can nestle in bed and flip through books and watch movies, and the whole thing will feel very comfortable and relaxed.


The main tips to create a sense of atmosphere.

▪️ lighting.

Try to use more light sources, not a main light to shine in all directions.

More light sources in different locations can make the space richer in levels, but also for the dead corner filled with light.

If you want to be more warm, dim light can try ~


▪️ bed.

The secret to creating a cozy winter is not to fold the quilt. A messy quilt, a book, a fragrance, you can give enough lazy feeling ~



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