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This is the Most Favorite House I Have Ever Seen

A few days ago, I redecorated my home to share my renovation journey with you.



Smash the wall adjacent to the living room and the master bedroom and replace it with a double-sided cabinet.

Smashing a south-facing bedroom and converting it into a multi-purpose study-cum-dressing room.



After smashing the south-facing bedroom, the multi-purpose room and the living room were combined into a large horizontal room.

The closed balcony was merged with the living room, making the original living room twice as large.



Wooden flooring throughout the house, no transom stones, no threshold stones.

No complex back wall and ceiling, no trend, no popular arch and ceiling.

The whole house has only 2 colors of latex paint, except for the back wall of the master bedroom. The other walls and tops are painted with one color.

Do not buy a coffee table, the living room is more than a little larger, cups and other small objects at hand at any time to return to the place.

In the home are wearing floor socks, will not get dirty carpet, dirty sweeper and vacuum cleaner to clean up.


The same

Uniform color scheme throughout the house. Think about a good style, pick a good latex paint color, and then set the cabinet door color, to avoid colorful situations.

Including soft furnishings, sofa, curtains, four-piece set, comforter, I like to buy the same color, visual unity can give people a very warm feeling.


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