Thursday, May 30, 2024
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My Manhattan Kitchen

Since the original kitchen in my new home was a bit small, I decided to expand a portion of the entry hallway to create a double kitchen layout as a western kitchen area.

This way, I was able to have all the necessary kitchen equipment such as a water purifier, dishwasher, separate steamer, and oven.


This time I am going to create a “Manhattan” style kitchen, which is more simple and durable. Manhattan style black cabinets, European-style three-dimensional lines cabinet door shape to this kitchen brings a lot of different experiences. It also makes everyone feel new when they come to my house.


Color, because furniture, flooring, walls, etc. can not avoid having different colors. The simpler the cabinet I would choose, the better the color, making the whole house color scheme balanced and coordinated, bringing comfort to the eyes.


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