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The Figuration of Autumn and Winter Fragrance

The floating light follows the day and autumn is introduced into the room.


On an autumn afternoon, the gentle light spills over the windowsill. The mood is also pleasant.

The cool breeze is rising, following the light flowing in every corner of the house. Warm healing with autumn light as a companion, the subtle perception of home is reviving.

This is the feeling of autumn, right?

Ordinary objects also record some fleeting and timeless moments.

With the help of the smell, it quietly evokes those gentle and trivial memories of autumn.


It is impossible not to like the BY THE FIREPLACE of MaisonMargiela.

This is the embodiment of autumn and winter fragrance.

The smoky wood burns in the fireplace. The sweetness of chestnuts in the air reminds me of a charcoal fire at the foot of a snowy mountain. Scenes from the journey seem to be reproduced in the aroma.

The woody tones that smell so good. The warmth of the candle flame swaying in the glass enclosure. It makes you forget the cold.

Scented candle holders placed in the home is also a wonderful place. The glass shade is beautiful in a vintage and understated way. The refraction of light, as elegant as a crystal dress.

The process of burning incense comes with a sense of beauty and poetry, the warmth of the afternoon is already close.


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