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Romantic Home is Nestled on the Sofa Also Has a Sense of Happiness

I firmly choose the French cream style decoration to have this gentle and healing home .


Soft and elegant cream color is the main color of the living room.

The delicate plaster line arches, warm original wood flooring, plus the double-opening glass doors and blinds create an atmosphere of light and shadow, all revealing the gentle atmosphere of French style.


The French style is very gentle.

The modular sofa is also in a warm and soft light color.

The color is not fancy, put a few velvet down pillows embellished.

The sofa immediately becomes elegant and lively.

69cm large position, how you want to sit on how to sit.

Sit down and feel the whole person is wrapped up, comfortable and do not want to get up.

Vanilla gray shades and the overall style of the home are very compatible.

The fabric is soft and fluffy to the touch.

And super durable, ideal for families with pets.

The modular sofa can also be moved and matched at will, so it can be moved from time to time to bring a sense of freshness ~


The modular sofa can be moved and matched as you wish.

Romanticize the ordinary day. Sitting on the sofa and laze, the usual nervous heart also becomes quiet and soft.


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