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Teen Heart Bathroom Renovation

My bathroom functional area is divided into washroom area, toilet area and shower area.


Bathroom Features

The whole house is white and pink color scheme. The white matte small white tiles were laid in 100×100. The walls are ivory white waterproof paint. This match is full of childishness.

Inside the dry area, a diagonal pink light strip was made, which is both beautiful and plays a role in lighting.

The washroom area basin was made in the shape of a butterfly. Inside the tiled pink mosaic tile, with silver hardware, a very summer feeling. The mirror was shaped with clay DIY.

The shower area is separated from the wet and dry with a glass partition to solve the problem of getting wet in the shower.

The toilet area was made with a low wall to solve the problem of storage and storage. I put Molly’s stickers on the smart toilet and the waterproof socket, which will have a sense of theme. The paper towel holder is also pink, you can buy your own spray paint and DIY it.


Bathroom decoration plus points

The area next to the smart toilet needs to be reserved for waterproof sockets.

You can also reserve an extra outlet to charge your phone while going to the toilet.


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