Thursday, May 30, 2024
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High-value Home Decor Ornaments

Recently I bought some new high value color clashing home decorations.

This makes the original decoration of the simple Scandinavian style look less dull.

Pure Klein blue with bright warm orange to make life more interesting.

Whether it is home decorations, or scented candles, they can bring happiness to life.

Next, I’ll share my creative home decorations.


Cat Claw Vase

I like all kinds of high value vases.

Iron hollow arch design chic.

Cat feet are also cute to love.


Creative bird comb

Chic shape, choose a coral orange comb.

When life is given a shape, combing hair also feels more interesting.

It is like relaxing the scalp with the “mouth”.


Heat-insulated mug

The amber mug has a nice texture.

It can also be used as a table decoration.


Acrylic vase

It looks good in the sunlight, just like the sunset.

It goes well on a white dressing table!

Scented candle

With the elegant scent of camellia and lotus flowers, love the vague smell of sandalwood in the bedroom all the time!


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