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A Creamy Bedroom That Makes Ren Feel Very Healed

Today’s share of the bedroom, we can not help but see a good cure!

I unified the color scheme, it looks much more comfortable.

And the bedroom also has a lot of thought!


Lamb’s wool bed

White lambswool is really very healing!

This is the bed I have chosen for a long time!

It’s very stable and doesn’t shake, and the quality is very good.


Eggshell wax melting lamp

Creamy bedroom with eggshell wax lamp, a shot is as beautiful as a painting!

Also, with the taste I love, the whole bedroom is fragrant and a good cure!


Bed four-piece set

French bubble four-piece set is really super beautiful.

Creamy general bedroom absolutely can not do without it.


It is very comfortable to touch! The room looks very gentle with it! It’s my favorite blanket I’ve bought this year!


The bucket cabinet

I’ve been with you for 3 years, and I’ve moved 3 times with the cabinet, and I never get tired of looking at it.


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